St. Mary's Hall

St. Mary’s Hall is one of the female halls of St. Ambrose College of Education. The hall believes in the philosophy that living together in the hall is an important part of the college experience. The learning that occurs through experiences in decision-making, critical thinking, and taking responsibility within the halls will be invaluable throughout one’s life. The beliefs and goals that form the philosophical foundation of St Mary’s Hall are to;

1. Encourage and respect one another as emerging adults.
2.` Provide a clean, safe, enjoyable residential environment.
3. Promote an environment conducive for studies and academic pursuit.
4. Increase student-teachers appreciation of different cultures, races, values, and lifestyles.
5. Promote the development of healthy and meaningful relationships among student teachers.
6. Encourage and promote leadership, volunteering and community service as an important factor in the world of work

St. Ambrose College of Education

St. Mary’s Hall was named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is considered the patron saint of all humanity with many examples for young ladies to emulate. As a female hall, we draw many examples from her as our patron saint. Our feast day is the Assumption Day, which is normally observed on 15th August and is marked with a weeklong celebration. St. Mary’s Hall has a serene environment and spacious rooms where student teachers relax after lectures. The hall promotes a wide range of opportunities for the growth and development of our Ladies through a multiplicity of targeted student-centered programs such as volunteerism, sports, leadership, environmental awareness, academic support and many others. Our ladies are normally encouraged to take advantage of these activities to enhance and cultivate their skills and competencies that will support their growth as compassionate, confident and successful women, teachers and leaders anywhere they find themselves after graduating from St. Ambrose College.

We are always up to date and aware of the needs of our ladies. We orient our first year ladies on regular basis to life on campus and support them as they acclimatize themselves in the College. The hall has partnership agreement of senior student teachers with new ones as we seek to create collaborative and supportive environment. The hall has a record of safety where all feel secure. This is because of the Love and Unity the ladies show to each other. Ladies in St. Marys’ Hall are well groomed and cultured to an extent that they excel in all activities they are involved. Student teachers are also encouraged to express any concerns they may have with Hall staff.

In view of the holistic training given to members of the hall, they intermittently make contributions and donations to the less privileged in society (Dormaa Akwamu society) as well as some College projects. Recently, together with St. Joseph’s Hall, a 400-meters water hose was donated to the Chaplaincy Board to help in the building of a church for the College.