We are the father of the Saviour

St. Joseph's Hall

St. Joseph hall is one of the male halls of St. Ambrose College of Education, which is situated at Dormaa Akwamu in the Bono Region of Ghana.

The hall is named after Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ. Joseph was a first century Jewish man of Nazareth who according to the canonical Gospel was married to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. He was a descendant of David. He models as a faithful fatherhood and hardworking man.

He provided and cared for his family as a carpenter and followed God’s instructions. In an attempt to observe the Feast Day of St. Joseph on the 1st of May, every year, members of the hall engage themselves in several activities to celebrate this day to commemorate how hard working he was.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to become the most enviable male hall on campus through academic excellence.
St. Joseph hall is one of the active halls in the college, excels well in academics, sports and social activities. The college school football, volleyball and athletic teams for ASHBA games for the past years are dominated by St. Joseph members. The hall won the fresher’s cup for the 2022/2023 academic year
Population Students’ population is 110 as at Oct, 2023

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