The Modest

St. Ann's Hall

Welcome to ST ANN’S HALL. Our hall is a vibrant hall where students come together to be nurtured and trained by the school to become professional teachers with great values and morals. ST ANN’S HALL is a female hall with its male counterpart hall called St Mathew; together the two halls are called ‘MATANN’. St Ann’s Hall has a population of one hundred and forty-two (142) students from the various year groups making up its population.

We Catholics believe in resurrection and that those who have passed on do not cease being members of their family. We ask saints to pray for them in the same way we ask anybody else to pray for them.

We believe that St. Anne is a patroness of women in labour, the patronage for women praying for the gift of child. Anne is the patron saint for unmarried women, women in labour, grandmothers, childless people, equestrians, lace makers, miners, the poor and seamstress

The philosophy of the hall is ‘discipline and hard work break chains.’ We believe that ‘discipline and hard work break curses. We value social capital and for that matter, peaceful coexistence is our core value.

St. Ambrose College of Education