Science Department

To foster a dynamic and innovative environment where science becomes a catalyst for transformative discoveries and solutions

Science Department

The department has three units under it. These are:
General Science,
Physical education and
Agricultural Science Education.

Vision Statement To foster a dynamic and innovative environment where science becomes a catalyst for transformative discoveries and solutions that empower society, enrich human knowledge, and ensure a sustainable future.

St. Ambrose College of Education

  1. Mission Statements
    Excellence in Education: We are committed to providing high-quality education that nurtures our students' critical thinking, scientific literacy, and problem-solving skills. We aim to empower them to become informed and responsible global citizens.
    Cutting-edge Research: We promote and support cutting-edge scientific research across various disciplines, encouraging our faculty and students to explore uncharted territories, advance knowledge, and make significant contributions to their respective fields.
    Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Integration: We facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, encouraging our scientists to work together on complex challenges and merge knowledge from diverse areas of science, ultimately leading to holistic solutions and breakthroughs.
    Outreach and Community Engagement: We believe in the power of science to impact society positively. We engage with the local and global community to share knowledge, promote scientific awareness, and inspire the next generation of scientists.
    Sustainability and Responsibility: We take responsibility for the impact of our research and teaching on the environment and society. We strive to ensure that our scientific advancements align with sustainability principles and ethical conduct.
    Innovation and Adaptation: In a rapidly evolving scientific landscape, we remain agile and open to innovation. We encourage a culture of adaptability and forward-thinking to stay at the forefront of scientific development.
    Diversity and Inclusion: We celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive environment where all voices and perspectives are valued. We aim to create a department that is representative of the broader global scientific community.
    Ethical Conduct:We uphold the highest ethical standards in our research and teaching, ensuring the responsible use of scientific knowledge and resources for the betterment of society.
    Continuous Learning and Development: We support the professional growth of our faculty and students through ongoing training, mentorship, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
    Global Impact: We aspire to make a meaningful impact on a global scale by addressing the most pressing scientific challenges of our time and contributing to the well-being of all people and the planet.

  2. This vision and mission statement for the science department aims to guide our collective efforts and provide a sense of purpose and direction as we work towards advancing science, promoting education, and contributing to the betterment of society and the world.