The Department of General Studies (DGS) basically comprises Art and Foundational Studies

General Studies Department

At St. Ambrose College of Education, we believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of growth and development..

Some of the objectives of the department include: • To help the pre-service teachers to have a proper grasp of their curriculum content • To help the pre-service teachers to acquire basic knowledge in the fundamental concepts needed to master courses offered in the college. • To encourage the pre-service teachers to acquire broad-based education designed to sharpen their communication, reasoning, and analytical skills • To produce a crop of young men and women who are conscious of their professional role in the wider world.

St. Ambrose College of Education

  1. Our Mission:
    To stimulate creative energies, communicative skills, and depth knowledge that empower pre-service teachers in the General Studies Department to effectively develop a deeper appreciation of the ethics of the teaching profession.
  2. Our Vission:
    Empowering and equipping pre-service teachers, offering RME, with knowledge-based learning skills that will enable them to acquire robust intellectual, practical, and transferable skills such as communication, analytical mind and problem-solving skills in the field of work and lifelong learning.

  3. The Department of General Studies (DGS) basically comprises Art and Foundational Studies. In some universities and colleges, this department is called Department of Liberal Studies (DLS). It offers support for the teaching of any courses intended to use to widen the academic focus of students, especially those in the areas of religious education, moral teaching, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. This department is established purposely to equip students with the skills needed to be able to read, listen, write and speak well. This will help them to document and retrieve information intelligently.
    Through study of religion, psychology, philosophy, and African studies, the department strives to shape students focus to become meaningful participants in their communities. It encourages them to develop analytical skills and systematic empirical grasp of cultural, philosophical, and psychological ideas about reality and human quest for knowledge.
    The Department of General Studies at St. Ambrose College of Education, is one of the youngest created departments in the college formed in July, 2023. Under normal circumstance, the department should have consisted of liberal art, humanities and religious education. The first two disciplines are currently unavailable in the college. So, the department can boost of only the RME aspect of the structure.
  4. It is a service-oriented department and it has as its main function the teaching of foundational courses such as Philosophical and psychological foundations of RME, Psychological perspectives in RME, Sociological foundations of RME, Anthropology of religion, Curriculum studies in RME, Islamic studies, Biblical studies, ATR, Morality and human values, ATR and health management, and Critical issues in RME.

  5. These courses, among others, form the bedrock of the regular B.Ed. programme of RME in St. Ambrose college of education, which is among the colleges of education affiliated to University of Cape Coast. It is interdisciplinary in content and scope. Thus, it behoves tutors who teach the above courses to support their students to have a proper grasp of the curriculum in order to prepare them for future tasks in their chosen career.