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What is Lean Operations Management?

Lean operations management is a process that focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing value within an organization. In other words, it is a continuous improvement methodology that is designed to help organizations improve their performance by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. In this context, the meaning of lean relates to eliminating waste in all forms. Waste refers to anything that impedes production time or adds unnecessary cost. There are seven common forms of waste, as follows..

The main focus of lean operations management is efficiency. This means reducing waste and maximizing value in order to improve organizational performance. Lean operations management can be used in any type of organization, but it is particularly well suited for manufacturing and production-based businesses. When implemented correctly, lean operations management can help organizations achieve their goals and improve their bottom line..

Lean operations management is heavily focused on increasing efficiency; thus, organizations must focus on simplicity in order for lean operations management to work. This means reducing complexity and streamlining processes.

Mr. Boadi Gyan Evans
I.T Officer
St. Ambrose College of Education