Regional Manager of Catholic Schools visits St. Ambrose


Sexual Harassment

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion are two intertwined concepts that help improve access to goods and services for all including the excluded, women and those less economically stable. GESI promotes inclusive policies and focuses on increasing the power of the excluded, women and the poor.

According to World Vision, GESI is an approach intended to eliminate existing barriers in order to increase access, enable decision-making and participation of marginalized populations. This definition goes on to say that GESI requires us to create enabling environments for ALL to engage in and benefit EQUALLY from development interventions.

Within the rehabilitation context, GESI is an approach intended to remove barriers and increase access, facilitate greater utilization of rehabilitation services, and improve users' experiences for everyone. It’s important to note that not all marginalized populations are equally disadvantaged or excluded. As clinicians, it is important to recognize how social characteristics influence each other and how they can influence the health condition, access to rehabilitation services, use of our services and overall patient experiences.

Mr. Boadi Gyan Evans
I.T Officer
St. Ambrose College of Education